Vital Sex Role Play Ideas for Men in Relationships with Mature Women

Confident, ready to experiment, and willing to please. These, along with many other qualities, make dating a mature woman a dream. Any man being in a relationship with an experienced mature lady can tell how different and exciting their love life is. But does that mean they’re doing their part?

Women are discovering more about their pleasure and taking control in the bedroom, meaning it is time for men to learn some tips and tricks on how to please their queen with erotic, intriguing, and madly thrilling roleplay. Keep reading as we prepared a list of top sexy roleplay ideas worth trying!

The Authority Figure

This roleplay sex idea may seem like a classic, but there are tons of scenarios couples can try to spice things up in the bedroom. Furthermore, depending on an individual’s preference, either the man or the woman can play the submissive or dominant role, therefore giving couples greater freedom to express their desires.

For couples who like a school vibe, you can always try a professor and student going over some critical assignment before it gets heated. A classic suit and glasses for you, a short skirt for her, and things can get lit in seconds. Teach her how to behave and make her whine in pleasure, working hard to get the top score.

Individuals who’re more into the saucy punishment side of roleplay can enact a classic detention scene that explores the bad boy/girl scenario. Play out an arrest and interrogation, and see where your imagination can lead you. What if she always wanted to be fucked by a naughty bad guy?

Couples who have a fetish for those in the medical profession can look into a nurse/patient scenario. Buy her sexy white underwear and stocking, and don’t forget to find a short lab coat that can be easily lifted up.
Ask your woman what she wants to try, let her be honest with you, and prove that you’re the best lover she ever had, bringing her wildest desires to life.

Servant/Master Scenario

People with a particular preference for dominant or submissive play will find this roleplay sex scenario one of the most pleasurable options. This allows the dominant person (master) to request and order the submissive partner (servant) in a manner that fits with the story they have created. Naturally, it is important to create a safe word that ensures both of your safety so that the roleplay doesn’t get out of hand.

One exciting iteration of this scenario is between a monarch and their servant. It creates a sense of danger, as well as it is a passion that is unacceptable or improper. Playing around with ideas of what is right or wrong while still giving in to your desires can be an adventurous experience.

Sexy and Handsy Instructor

Who doesn’t love the idea of a knowledgeable instructor directing your moves while also taking the opportunity to get closer? The tension between whether there is a flirtation or not makes it so exciting. How do you reciprocate without being obvious? How do you make subtle yet flirty moves? This roleplay idea helps couples explore the boundaries of their patience and play out tenuous situations, making their sexual life thrilling.

A couple of things to try including yoga, golf, tennis, or really any sort of instructor related to sports. Deciding who is the novice and the pro while sticking to these roles will really sell the experience.
Try to think about how you would act if you didn’t know this person as part of the excitement involves the dynamic of not knowing whether someone is attracted to you or not.

Well, Hello There Stranger…

Playing off the idea of building a flirtation and discovering another person’s desires, pretending to be strangers is an incredibly sexy roleplaying idea. Furthermore, this is something you can take outside as you can pretend to meet at a bar for the first time, then take it back to the bedroom. Or if you both are an adventurous type, you could have quick sex in your car or a toilet cubicle. Just make sure that the place is clean enough beforehand.

Mixing these things up can really create an enticing experience that gets both of you going.
It is best to think about the kind of characters you want to play for the best results and what you think would attract the other person. What are some of the qualities you find attractive in your woman that you want to play up? What enticed you about her when you first met? Reliving these experiences will create a new sense of fascination and renewed excitement.

Whatever your fantasies are, there are erotic roleplay scenarios that can suit anyone. Take the time to discuss with your lady what her fantasies and desires are. By discussing these topics, both of you can have a truly unique experience that satisfies all facets of your lust. Think about the scenarios and go have some fun!
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