The Best Older Dating Sites You Can Visit Anytime

After reading our expert guide, you will know the best older dating sites to meet mature partners, regardless of your location, age, and preferences. Enjoy older dating online and make new connections as soon as today!

How Do We Examine Older Dating Sites?

On, our experts tirelessly comb through both established and up and coming dating services. This way, you can make a simple decision regarding the best service for you to use, according to what you’re looking for in a partner.

Try different categories

Every site can be placed into a different category, be that Casual, Personals, or Matchmaker sites. Choose the niche that suits your needs the most, and we will help you choose the best platform available.

Services for every taste

We understand that some men and women are looking for something starkly different from what run of the mill websites can deliver; therefore, we also cover sites in the Erotic dating category.

Only the most relevant information

We aim to provide up-to-date, reliable sources of information for people looking to make the jump into online dating and those who are unsure of where to begin the search.

Now, when you know how everything works, check out our own rating of the best older dating platforms! Choose the one that feels right for you and start your journey.

Try These Worthy Older Dating Sites Listed Below: is one of the leading contenders in the over 40’s category, with a very active member base of men and women enjoying a wealth of love possibilities online.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Customer service is rapid
  • Simple, clean layout
  • Bonus features are very useful
  • Cost-effective pricing available
  • Sessions stay logged in
  • Billing will auto-renew
  • No mobile app

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
3 Day Trial2.97 GBP
1 Month32.10 GBP
3 Months70.20 GBP
6 Months86.40 GBP

Maturedating is a breath of fresh air for singles across the world who offer extensive search functions allowing older singles to find their best partners easily, in great detail.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Fantastic searching facilities
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Notifications can be clearly identified
  • Large membership discounts (50%)
  • Higher cost than competitors
  • Manual matching only

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
1 Month45.90 GBP
3 Months99.90 GBP
6 Months124.20 GBP boasts a huge member base of older singles seeking casual connections and serious relationships, mainly in the UK and the USA. 1,400,000 men and women call Flirt their home.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Accounts are verified before going live
  • Profile information is detailed
  • Cheap membership packages
  • Very active members
  • The best features are premium
  • Most of the application can be skipped

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
1 Day Trial0.99 GBP
1 Week10.43 GBP
1 Month32.10 GBP
3 Months70.20 GBP

For a taste of something different, is the perfect destination for people to meet lasting love interests. The active members base is mostly members above 40!

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Quick and easy application (under 5 minutes)
  • Simple to discover partners with unlimited free searches
  • Videos can be uploaded
  • Men and women are equally represented
  • Memberships will auto-renew unless cancelled prior
  • The mobile app is still in development
  • Difficult to close an account

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
3 Day Trial2.97 GBP
1 Month32.10 GBP
3 Months70.20 GBP
6 Months86.40 GBP is the safest platform for older men and women, where all members have been protected from any type of online deception since back in 2010.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Almost 0 fake profiles
  • Every user is checked thoroughly
  • Has a mobile application for all devices
  • Stringent safety protocols for all singles accounts
  • Long application process
  • Some images can only be seen by premium members
  • Advertisements are prevalent for free accounts
  • Less growth than other websites

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
1 Month33.95 GBP
3 Months62.01 GBP
6 Months90.00 GBP
12 Months144.00 GBP

Real Customer Experience

“Since finding, I have been overwhelmed with how easy I could choose the most suitable sites for me, based on how I’m feeling or who I’m looking to find. If I want to discover older women online on a reliable site, I come here!”
– Simon 46

How to Choose the Best Free Site for Older Dating

When you’re looking for the best site to meet men and women over 40, there are many things to consider. As such, we rank the sites based on their available features, the safety of the site, the ease of the application process, and the cost-effectiveness of the service. The better the site is for our men and women, the higher it ranks with us! Find Your Older Superstar Couple with Us


1. Older Dating Sites: Do They Really Work?

Yes, older dating sites are the perfect place to meet like-minded mature men and women from the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to find thousands of success stories from these services with a simple search.

2. Are There Any 100% Free Dating Sites?

Yes, some websites such as are 100% free to use. Still, don’t expect much from it.

Which One is the Safest Older Dating Website? is by far the safest 40+ dating website. Every action online is checked and verified, and there are no fake accounts existing on their servers.

Advantages of Older Dating

By dating an older man or woman, a whole host of overlooked benefits are available to you and your new lover that can really set you up for success. Firstly, not only will you and your partner have lots to talk about, your date will be a far more interesting experience, regardless of whether you discover a romantic connection.

Men and women over 40 have generally lived and made mistakes in love already, mistakes which are learned from and prevented from happening again, leading to an overall better relationship. On top of this, they’re also fantastic in bed and can certainly teach you a thing or two!

And if you are a mature man or woman yourself, it’s a great opportunity to find like-minded older people for every kind of relationship.


Although all of the dating sites we’ve included in our review each stand out in their own regard with various strong positive functions for each, we found that was the best dating service across many distinctive areas for both men and women.

The huge array of security features ensuring all members’ safety are unmatched by other leading sites, not to mention that most of the features and functions can be enjoyed free of charge. Moderators are working around the clock verifying the information of all members, as well as checking that the uploaded images match you. To pass the security check, the image must be a recent head and shoulders shot of you, which completely eradicates the possibility of user deception.

The cost of memberships is very competitive for the services offered and come in cheaper than most other top services. Only and DatingTelegraph offer a smaller membership fee for a slightly lesser overall service.
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