5 Main Types of Lesbians

For all of you that are new to the world of lesbian dating, you’re likely to begin to hear more than a few common stereotypical names thrown around. From “the alpha” to “boi,” we’ve got all the answers you’re looking for in this ever-changing dating scene.

We have compiled a list of the five most popular lesbian types so that you no longer have to be in the dark. With our information, you can easily identify different types of lesbians based on the way they look and behave.

The Alpha

These women are typically beautiful skinny lesbians, although they are best avoided as they come with a super short fuse, quick wit, and comebacks that will put even the biggest people in their place should they dare tread on their toes.

The alpha loves to travel alone and immediately grabs the gazes of everyone in the room when she graces somewhere new with her presence.

Her usually perfectly groomed barnet, styled down to the last strand of hair, stands to attention, oozing confidence from every ounce of her being. However, an abundance of confidence is likely to put potential partners off, changing their luck. Anyone with insecurities is unlikely to enjoy many conversations with these pillars of lesbian society.

The alpha knows exactly what she wants and will stop at nothing in pursuit of it. You’ve been warned!

The Butch

Firstly, let’s be careful to avoid common misconceptions here and needlessly offend people. A butch lesbian is not a woman who has extra weight or a shaved head by definition. (As seen in everyone’s favorite Netflix Original: Orange is the new black).

Although some women do meet these generic stereotypes, usually a butch lesbian possesses traits that are considered more “manly” than people usually come to expect from women.

Maybe they have a knack for bespoke construction or a keen eye for engineering. Whatever the case, a butch lesbian is ultimately a fantastic lover and one who knows how to look after you when you get into a loving relationship.

The Femme

Sometimes referred to as a lipstick lesbian, meaning that they love to eccentricate their female qualities as much as possible, dressing up in ultra-girly clothes and normally sporting a huge lipstick smile wherever they go.

These types of women are most likely found out in bustling shopping malls searching for something new to add to their incredible wardrobe collection.

Femme’s are usually huge animal lovers and are most known for their unique ability to get the best out of their partners in difficult situations, largely due to their understanding and compassionate nature. A relationship with a Femme is always a pleasurable experience.

The Boi Lesbian

As the name suggests, a boi lesbian can easily be perceived by others as male, especially people from abroad or from a distance. This is supported strongly by their overwhelmingly male dress sense and usually short, “boyish” hairstyles.

Boi lesbians are most commonly found dressing in male jeans, trainers, and with older women in the toe. In general, boi lesbians prefer being with older romantic partners due to their increased maturity and dislike of conflict.

Although she may look tough on the outside, she’s really a soft bunny who loves getting snuggled up with someone close. Give a boi a try, and you’re opening doors to a world of new possibilities!

The Hasbian

Hasbian women are ladies who were once lesbians previously but have now decided to ditch the girl on girl action and head for a more traditional style of dating, for a while at least.

Hasbians are always found in relationships with men, some are open about their past sexual endeavors, whilst others are more reserved.

Strangely, hasbian women fail to identify as bisexual or straight and rather prefer to wait and see what the future has in store for them. As things change so much these days, who can blame them?

Now that you know the five most common different types of lesbians you’ll find in the dating marketplace, head out into your next lesbian encounter full of knowledge to meet the women you’re most attracted to!

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