The Best Sex Apps for Couples You Can Visit Anytime

With the ever-changing societal values, couples sex apps have dramatically increased in popularity, so much so that they now account for a large proportion of online dating activity on the whole. As such, we decided to put the best services to the sword, testing their apps and creating a review of the best sex apps for couples.

How Do We Examine Sex Apps for Couples?

On, we have a great team of dating experts who meticulously review all of the most loved dating sites and those apps that are simply scams and fakes so that people can know where to spend their time and money.

1. Categories

Every dating site or sex app that we review falls into one of the following categories. Different services are created with different intentions. Some are best for finding sexual interests, while others focus on creating lasting relationships or discovering like-minded people.

  • Casual Dating Sites ( or
  • Matchmaker Sites ( or
  • Personals Sites ( or
  • Niche Dating Sites
  • Erotic Dating Sites

2. In-Depth App Reviews

On, our team works hard to maximise the quality of the information provided to our users; therefore, we leave no stone unturned when creating dating reviews and cover everything from features, costs, advantages, potential dangers, and much more.

Our Own Rating of All Worthy Sex Apps for Couples is a very popular sex app among couples and arguably one of the best on the market today. At every stage, BeNaughty offers a great place to make new hookup dating connections. Applications can be completed within minutes, giving you access to a pool of 750,000 like-minded people.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Hot or not game to meet matches quickly
  • Active members base
  • Quick and easy registration (for free)
  • Users are given 5 free chats to make connections
  • Verification process is easy to fool

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
3 Day Trial2.99 GBP
1 Month32.10 GBP
3 Months70.20 GBP
6 Months86.40 GBP is an active sex app with 9,000,000 members so far, including mature naughty couples seeking fun. On average, 100,000 UK members visit the site each month, providing ample opportunities to meet new partners, with 56% of users being male.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Effortless registration process
  • Additional features available to women
  • Competitive pricing packages
  • Satisfaction guarantee is available
  • Facebook registration is unavailable
  • Limited ways to make payments

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
1 Month32.10 GBP
3 Months70.20 GBP
6 Months86.40 GBP

If you’re hoping to find a reliable sex app for couples full of local partners, visit and begin chatting with a wide variety of like-minded flirty people. Over 1,000,000 users have joined so far, with 90,000 regulars in the UK getting online each week.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Members are looking for casual fun
  • Easy to use website
  • Uploaded content images are all checked for validation
  • Suspicious members are investigated
  • Large majority of members are 20-35
  • Most features require a payment

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
1 Day Trial0.99 GBP
1 Week10.43 GBP
1 Month32.10 GBP
3 Months70.22 GBP has long since been a leading sex app. With 1,400,000 people signed-up, couples from all over the world flock here to find a hot hookup. A wide variety of useful features will make your dating experience unforgettable.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Active UK members base
  • Email verification is required to proceed with account creation
  • Unique special features
  • Simple, effective navigation
  • Most users are men (60 %)
  • Some fake accounts are found here

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
3 Day Trial2.97 GBP
1 Week32.10 GBP
1 Month70.20 GBP
3 Months86.40 GBP is an up-and-coming online sex app quickly accumulating new members in the UK. During their 2-year tenure, a wide variety of special features, safety functions, and low-cost memberships are available to both men and women.

Main Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Opportunities to find like-minded couples easily
  • Active singles meet local partners regularly
  • 2-3 minutes registration process
  • Safe dating page is available and full of information
  • This app requires payment for best usage
  • Full-sized images and messaging is a paid feature

Costs and Prices

TimeCost (USD)
1 Months32.10 GBP
3 Months70.20 GBP
6 Months86.40 GBP

How to Choose the Best Sex Apps for Couples?

We know the best areas to focus on when assessing online sex apps for couples. To save you time in the future, look for these fool-proof areas that prove a dating app’s worth and credentials at a glance.

  • A safe, secure app with active members and customer service
  • Apps offering mobile facilities for portable dating
  • Extensive verification of users (account creation, uploads, information)
  • User-friendly special features
  • Fair membership costs vs. new unlocked features Find Your Superstar Sex Couple with Us

We always create new, in-depth reviews on the best sex apps for you. If you have any recommendations for new reviews, feel free to contact us today and share this page!


Sex apps: does it really work?

Yes, sex apps for couples are rising in popularity across the world, not just with UK users. Both men and women love the thrill of meeting online whilst being able to select the best partners for them.

Are there any 100% free sex apps?

Yes, some sites can be used to find sexual partners for 100% free. No cost is required to use to meet people, although the service isn’t as good as paid apps.

What are the safest sex apps?

Of all the sex apps for couples we have reviewed, the safest of all is With advanced user encryption of all online activity (messages, login, and financial information) and an in-depth dating safety page, users can easily discover the best tips and practices to take forward and use when meeting new people.

Advantages of Online Sex Apps for Couples

Deciding to join an online sex app for couples is a huge step in any relationship. However, many benefits are brought forward when you submit a new membership application.

  • No need to chance your luck in bars and clubs, dreaming of getting lucky.
  • More freedom to find like-minded partners without leaving the house. Find your best match online, relaxing with your partner.
  • Selective dating possibilities can be found with a diverse pool of potential partners. Pick from the bunch to find your best matches.


Although each of the online sex apps for couples we have reviewed has its merits, pros and cons, and wonderful advantages, each app brings new possibilities to you. After detailed comparisons of all of the sex dating apps in our review, is the leading port of call for making those desired connections.

Providing multiple unique avenues to discover ideal partners online, has amassed a very-impressive user base with both men and women alike love the user culture, overall service, and the rewards it brings. A free, quick, and easy application process between 2-5 minutes is available and can be completed on all manner of devices.

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