Best and Most Popular Mature Dating Sites for Everyone in the UK

There’s a lot of sites for mature singles online, but if you look in the wrong places, chances are you won’t find love! If you’re looking for real romance, then it’s time to join all the men & women on the sites below.
Don’t worry – we’ve waded through the bad platforms, so the sites below are the best of the best! Tired of wasting time on subpar dating services and want to be one of those happy couples you hear about all the time? Well, with the best mature dating sites in the UK on this list, you can be! Sadly, many lads & ladies spend their whole lives all alone. Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon this list so you definitely won’t be one of them!
All the platforms below have been tested by us personally, so we know they actually work wonders. Ready to meet people, go on dates, & fall in love again? If so, read on – we’ve got a ton of options for you!



Best Mature Dating Sites in England:

1. Review

BeNaughty is a dating site for adults looking for a serious, long-lasting relationship as well as for some casual sex experience or road gigs.

2. Review

The review we present here is your chance to discover things about this platform you never knew and a good way to try the site without actually registering! Doesn't that sound intriguing?

3. Review

After trying and testing, we must say that this platform is really decent, and our below review covers everything you need to know to make a final decision. Keep reading!

4. Review

Many singles have disregarded due to the rumours about the website. So, we took on the mantle to bust the QuickFlirt scam to tell people what exactly this dating site has in store.

5. Review

Operated by Northlock Holdings, WantMatures is a platform dedicated to dating mature singles. Started with the thought that only mature people can keep a relationship casual without getting attached, the site took a significant step in the world of international dating.

6. Review

UpForIt is a great platform to get started on your dating and hookups journey because, unlike many other dating sites, its system is simplified to directly connect you with other members in your area without all the long questionnaires or complex algorithms.

7. Review

Aiming to connect people looking for casual interactions and no-commitment dates, One Night Friend is a website focused on singles of all age groups, any race, religion, and preferences.

8. Review

If you're unsure on whether could be the online dating site for you to find new like-minded partners, read our expert review for all the key pieces of information you need.

9. Review

It seems that it has never been so quick to find the second half for mature people, thanks to HookupDaters. Is that so? Let’s find it out!

10. Review

Welcome to the only fair EliteSingles review! We came here to tell you the truth about this well-known website, and after a thorough test performed, there are so many things we are ready to share with you!

11. Review

We ensure that our review will help you make an informed decision about whether to join Keep reading and see for yourself!

12. Review

With so many HookupsFinder reviews and the abundance of misinformation about this platform, it can be hard to know the real facts from those that have been manufactured. Luckily for you, our team of dating experts have provided extensive analysis of the up-and-coming dating service, so you can know whether this site will find your casual adult fun or whether your time is wasted.

13. Review

Keep reading to check out Askme4Date features, prices, pros, and cons! What it has in store for us?

14. Review

Discover another existence where everyone single discovers perfect matches.

15. Review

People looking for professional matchmaking services are drowning in a sea of hookup apps and websites. Is Parship a good option for serious UK based dating? Find out in this article.

16. Review

MatureDating is by far one of the best mature dating websites out there. Find out more about this fantastic website here.

17. Review

Cupid Dating Review. We have described everything you need to know about this dating site in our review. So, follow the link and enjoy of reading.

18. Review

Telegraph Dating is a UK-based dating website designed for mature people looking for a long-term relationship. Read our Review and Give it a try, and you will might find someone today.

19. Review

Seniors don't have many online dating options, but they do have SilverSingles. In this review, we'll cover everything there is to know about this senior dating website.

20. Review

AnastasiaDate is immensely popular among men from North America who want to meet a lovely European lady to date. This dating site’s goal is to bring close together people who live continents apart and ignite a spark that cannot be put out merely by the distance.

21. Review specializes in professional and straightforward matchmaking that will surely lead you to something (or someone) you're looking for.

22. Review

CharmDate specifically targets men looking for ideal partners in gorgeous European women. The population of women users is made up of Eastern European women from Ukraine and Russia, narrowing the search for men with this particular type.

How to Start Local Mature Dating in the UK?

There are two ways to meet the man (or woman) of your dreams: the old-fashioned way or the modern approach. Back in the day, face-to-face mature local dating was the only way to meet other people. Men & women could only connect in bars, clubs, at the gym, while working out, or randomly throughout the day.

This method relied purely on chance, so it severely limited your dating pool! Especially for mature singles, relying on fate simply isn’t a smart way to find love. Traditional dating may even pose a risk to your health because of the ongoing COVID crisis, so it’s much better to seek a safer alternative.

Fortunately, nowadays, there’s a better way to meet your next man or woman: online dating sites! Online websites & services offer a 100% discreet way to connect with local singles without leaving the comfort of your own home. To connect, you simply join a site, look over the personals, & message whoever catches your eye! Digital dating offers a real opportunity for singles who haven’t had much luck dating the traditional way.

How to Date Successfully?

Online dating may seem intimidating at first, but we promise you it’s actually the best way to meet singles today! Many mature people use online websites to find love, so you won’t be alone. You first have to figure out what your goals are. Are you looking for a man/woman to spend the rest of your life with? Something casual? Something in-between?

It’s important to be totally honest with yourself upfront because it will affect your strategy when you look for other mature singles. After you’ve joined a website, browsed through the personals, & found someone you like, it’s time to send them a message! It’s important to make the best first impression possible, so look over their profile a bit. If something stands out, bring it up! If they like dogs, you could start the conversation with something like “Hello! I see that you love dogs – me too! My fur baby is 4 years old; how old is yours?”. Avoid generic messages – make it personal!

How to Date Safely?

As times change, so do the necessary safety precautions. A couple of years ago, traditional dating may have worked fine, but nowadays, it poses a serious health risk! Fortunately, online dating is the best way to meet other mature men & women, so you’re not missing out on potential matches. In fact, this totally safe approach to dating can actually introduce you to other single people you’d never have met otherwise! Of course, online sites can pose a security risk, especially if they’re not closely monitored.

Fortunately, we only select the best of the best mature dating platforms (with near-perfect reviews), so you don’t have to worry about online safety when you’re using the web to date local men & ladies. The services and apps we select have encryption, moderation teams, & other safety features to protect your data. The best sites ever have technology that bans scammers & fake accounts, so couples can form without worry. It’s important to choose a site that cares about its customers. If they don’t bother with security, then they probably don’t care about customer service either!

How to Find a Genuine Mature Singles Dating Site

If you’re serious about finding love online, then it’s important to find a genuine mature singles dating site. Here at, our experts tested, analysed, & reviewed hundreds of mature dating sites, so singles like yourself don’t waste time on subpar local dating websites. You can definitely find a website to take you from single to taken from our list, but if you want to find a genuine dating service on your own, here are a few things to consider!

  • Define “free”. Many websites claim to be free, but only signup is free! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because paid websites tend to be better, but it’s important to know what you’re paying for.
  • Does it have good reviews? Feedback from other single lads & ladies is a great way to tell if a site is worth your time.
  • How big is the user base? Make sure your new website has a lot of people that use it. If not, you won’t be able to find the man (or lady) of your dreams!

Look Around at what’s on Offer and Think

While many dating sites cater to mature singles of all body types, sexual orientations, & races, there are also speciality sites. These websites provide some of the best options for men & women who know exactly what (or who) they want. Here are a few of the most common types:

  • BBW – BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) sites are people who appreciate a plus-sized woman.
  • Gay – These sites are specifically for gay, lesbian, or bisexual individuals to find a real relationship online.
  • Black – These sites are perfect for ladies looking for black men (or vice versa)! They also have specific sites for Latinos, Asians, & other races.
  • Hookup sites – These platforms aren’t for serious relationships; they’re for horny singles looking for a night of fun!

mature datingThink About Your Expectations

It’s important to decide what you’re looking for before joining a mature dating site. Are you looking for a long-term relationship? Perhaps you’re just looking for sex? Maybe you’re seeking a genuine friendship, & nothing more. No matter what you’re after, it’s important to consider multiple websites to find the best one.

Some sites offer personals & nothing more, while others offer rapid matchmaking or even search filters to help you find the perfect person among all the personals. These are all factors we consider at before recommending websites, & we only recommend websites with positive reviews. Of course, it’s also important that a website be easy-to-use, so we take that into account as well when recommending dating sites to mature singles.

Is It Worth Paying for Dating Sites?

That depends on you! If you’re looking for the best way to connect with other single men & women without worry, then a paid mature dating site is the complete package you want. While the obvious downside of paid sites is that they cost money, a paid site will also offer superior online services. Singles who use paid sites get advanced safety, functionality, & have a higher chance of success than those who use free sites.

If you’re serious about finding a woman (or a man), then a paid site is the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re single but not in a rush, then you might consider a free site. A mature, free, and single dating site is usually full of singles, but sadly these sites are prone to scammers & fake accounts. The single guy (or girl) you’re talking to may not be who they say they are, which can be a problem. Unfortunately, these sites rely on luck, rather than quality service, to achieve the results you’re after. We really only recommend free sites to single lads & ladies interested, but not dedicated, to online dating.

Are 100% Free Mature Dating Sites Right for You?

If you just flat-out don’t want to pay for a mature dating site, then that’s your choice, but there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of. Here’s a list of complications you may encounter online if you use 100% free mature dating sites.

  • You might be scammed. Free sites may claim to offer love, but it’s more likely the British male or female you’re talking to is after your money, not your heart. Unfortunately, fake accounts are also common on these sites.
  • You won’t get the best service. Unlike genuine paid dating services, free sites almost always lack functionality. This means you can’t send likes, use search filters, share pictures, or use many of the other common features offered on real dating sites!
  • You probably won’t find love. Singles on free websites are testing the waters, not looking for something serious. Even if you do manage to connect with a real person, the men & women you chat with will probably only be interested in hooking up, not starting a relationship.

personal safetyHow About Mature Personals? Do They Really Work?

Back in the day, lots of mature dating was done completely on paper. Singles would post personal ads in the newspaper, inviting other single people to reach out to them for a date, now it continues on some Craigslist-like sites. If that sounds like an appealing idea to you, consider this: do you want a bunch of strangers to have access to your personal information? In order for your personal to work, you’ll have to post some sensitive contact information, & even a basic phone number can be used to track you down & find out where you live.

Especially for the ladies, this can pose a serious problem for you (and your family’s) personal safety. Also, mature personals lack any personality – there aren’t any conversations, photos, or honest connections! Online dating is a far superior option, as it offers all of these advantages with an added layer of security. Plus, you can compare reviews online to figure out which site is right for you!

Real Customer Experiences

Bertha Lancaster – I’d tried online dating before, but I couldn’t seem to find a man right for me. showed me that there were plenty of sites for mature singles like I – my problem was just using the wrong ones! After trying the websites I found on MatureDatingSites, I’m happy to say I finally found a boyfriend!
Cleatus Buckingham – It can be really hard to find a genuine woman online. People say that online dating is easy, but it’s not unless you use a good site (I learned that the hard way!). Thankfully, I stumbled upon It showed me that the service I was using wasn’t very good, & now I’m using a much better platform filled with local women in my area!
Myrtle Easton – I’m an independent woman; I don’t need a man to do anything for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want company. I’d been told online dating was a good way to meet men, so I ditched the mature personals, went online, & found Using the service, I quickly found a few sites to try. I’m happy to be back in the dating world!

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If you’re tired of being lonely & ready to find local love in the UK, then it’s time to jump online! After scouring the internet, we’ve come up with the best mature dating for you to try, so stop being single & get ready to mingle!

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