Most Popular Sex Games to Play with Mature Women

There are many exciting and passionate things to do in bed with a mature woman, but what about foreplay? How do you get your partner excited, and how do you create sexual tension in new and interesting ways?
One of the best methods to intrigue a mature woman is through sex games. These fun, flirty, and risqué ways will ensure your evening gets heated quickly and puts you both in the mood to enjoy one another when the games end.

Sexy ‘Never Have I Ever’

It may seem like a childish thing to do, but this game is a great way to open a conversation about deepest sexual desires and get you in the mood. If you know the person’s experiences well, it doesn’t have to be just about what they have done but whether they have thought about any hot and even nasty fantasies. Such a game can turn you on in minutes, especially if it turns out you thought about the same things. What if she wanted to try sex in public? Maybe she’s dreaming about giving you head in a car or wants you to take her against a window while holding her tight and whispering dirty things into her ear? You wouldn’t know unless you ask, and this game could be a great help.


This option has so many opportunities, especially if you feel open enough with your partner. Such a game can encapsulate a range of desires and fully depends on the two people involved. Think about the sexiest situations you have thought of in your mind and begin to bring them to life. Have you ever wanted to have sex with a hot policewoman? Or maybe one of your deepest fantasies is to be humiliated by your bitchy yet sexy boss? Or vice versa, you crave to teach your naughty student a lesson? Options are endless here. Be honest with your desires and show your woman that you trust her completely. Debrief each other on what you want and simply enjoy the game.

Beginner Bondage Opportunities

If you and your partner are looking to try something new, but without it being too serious, then there are some beginner bondage games to try in bed. These are flirty things you can do to spice things up and create mind-blowing tension, especially if both of you are into dom-sub play. Try handcuffs and some kinds of soft ropes to tie your partner’s hands, for example. Slowly drive her crazy being dominant, or let her lead the way by tying you up and riding you cowgirl-style.

Roll the Dice

There are some adult-rated dice that couples can purchase, which have a range of actions on them. One way to spice up your love life and create anticipation in the bedroom is through these dice. Try new positions, have fun, and grow more intimate with one another with each roll.
Alternatively, for people who don’t want to purchase the dice, you can always use slips of paper in a jar. Write down different actions, toys, or things to try and get each other to pick the options out of the container.

Strip Poker

It may seem cliché, but it is still a fantastic way to have some fun before moving into the bedroom. Great foreplay is all about creating anticipation in your partner, which strip poker will help do in abundance. You can even spice up the rules and have added caveats to what happens if someone loses a round.

Movie Scene Sex

Many of us love the dramatics involved in sex scenes we see in films, but we know that it often isn’t that over-the-top. However, this sex game allows you to try these things. Think about the sex scenes you have thought are special and try to recreate them. You can even buy cheap clothing that you wouldn’t mind ripping off one another to make the occasion super special.

Kama Sutra Challenge

One of the best super-hot sex games that will have you experimenting with tons of different options is changing your positions throughout sex. See how many positions you can put into one session and think about the ones that made your partner scream in pleasure. This is the perfect opportunity to explore one another’s bodies and find out more about one another.

Eating Off One Another

Another one of the top sex games mature couples can play is to eat off each other’s bodies. Arrange an array of deserts upon your partner – think Samantha in Sex in the City – and let them eat off you. The goal is to start in less sensual places and build-up to the more sensitive areas to make your partner go wild for you.

Finding an amazing sex game to play with a mature woman is about understanding her desires. Talk about what gets you both going and find something that will give you both satisfaction. We guarantee you’ll have a better orgasm when you’re thinking of her pleasure first.