Men Share Pool Sex Stories with Beautiful Women Over 40

Have you ever dreamed about having sex in a public pool? With the water cooling your hot bodies and her moving so slowly that you feel a spreading pleasure through your veins… If not, it’s a perfect time to start! For those in love with real underwater sex stories and those who want to hear from other men what it is like to have sex with a stunning mature woman in a pool, we have collected these three exiting episodes.
Have a read, gain inspiration, and take your lady to a pool for some exciting sex that you’ll remember for life.

Matthew, 49

My wife is the only woman for me. We always have adventures together, and I know that she is up for anything. Life can get in the way of many things, but we made a conscious effort to go away for her 40th birthday. We decided to get a private villa in Greece and enjoy our time without any kids or people around us.

It was after staying for a couple of days, and we decided to not go out for our meal for the evening. We were both feeling a little frisky, and I ended up chasing her around the villa. Before I knew it, we had both jumped in the pool, and I was swimming after her. She was smiling so bright and seemed so happy… I couldn’t resist.

I pulled her closer and just wanted to kiss her, but it turned out she had other plans for me. Things were getting really heated, and we started touching each other. Before I know it, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to kiss me so eagerly as if it was her deepest desire; later, she confessed about her swimming pool sex fetish, though. We were making love in the middle of this pool, and it was one of the most intimate and crazy sex moments we’ve had… I loved every moment of it.”

Jake, 32

A couple of years ago, in my late twenties, I had the opportunity to date an older woman. I never expected to, but we really hit it off and the first time we had sex was in a pool.

I had gotten some work in doing some landscaping in her garden from one of my other trade buddies. It was in the summer, and it was one of those weeks where it was just boiling hot. We had already been having some flirtation as the week was going on and I could tell that she was interested.

I had finished my work early in the week, and we spent some time hanging out and just shooting the breeze. I could feel the tension in the air but wasn’t sure if I was imagining it or not. However, she then asked me if I wanted to cool off in the pool with her, and I wasn’t going to say no. We took our drinks outside and hopped in the pool. I was only in my boxers whereas she was wearing a lovely low-cut bikini.

After a little bit more to drink and getting closer, we started making out, and she was suddenly on top of me. She was so gentle and tender, almost purring into my ear, “I want you inside me.” Oh, gosh, I’ll never forget her saying that. Very quickly the boxers came off, I grabbed her meaty ass, and dived into that hungry pussy. It was hot and wet in every way. Although we’re not dating anymore, I will always remember that experience and hold it dear.”

Mack, 56

I never thought I would be with someone younger than me, but I really wanted to try new things. I am so glad I started using online dating to meet younger women as I have had some of the best sexual experiences of my life.

A couple of months ago, I was dating a real wildfire of a woman. She was 45 and was very open about how she liked to experiment with sexually. We had some really wild encounters, and I was always excited to see her.

One of the first ones we had was in a pool as I was getting used to this new and exciting way of living. She took the lead which I really like as I love it when a woman knows what she wants. She enjoyed taking me into her hand and sliding in on top of me. I didn’t even think about being in a pool as she just took control, and I was focused on what she was doing. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

As you can see, there are tons of options out there and something to tick off the bucket list. Think about your wildest desires and what really gets you going. Living out your fantasies doesn’t have to be a one-time thing when you’re honest with your partner.

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