Mature Men Declare Short Sex Stories About Women

Every now and then, it can be encouraging and uplifting to hear about some of the intimate details of another man’s love life. It can provide other men with more confidence and new ideas to be spontaneous, romantic, and attentive with their partners. Men who’re into erotic writing and looking to spice up their love life and keep things interesting with their partners can enjoy the erotic short stories we have collected and gather ideas on how to create excitement and passion in their relationships.

Derek, 43

“I have found that my love life has become much more interesting as I have become older. I am less conscious of everything and more willing to take my time. My wife will spend hours taking it slow, bringing me to the brink of cumming before moving on. One time we were on vacation in a log cabin. The weather was awful, but it gave us an opportunity to be with each other, with no interruptions. Laying her down by the fire after undressing her from her wet clothes, I tried to make love to her, but she insisted on helping me first. Watching her take me into her mouth by the fire was irresistible. Every time I was coming close, she would stop and do something else to please me.
I didn’t think I could take it anymore when she climbed on top of me – reverse cowgirl style. Watching her bounce up and down and feeling her ass pound into me was too much to handle.”

Jonathan, 50

“I have never been one for settling down, but I have found a lot of happiness with my long-term partner. I have been honest about some of the more risque fantasies in my mind and allowed her to go wild.
Watching her take control is enough to make me cum. Her narrowed eyes as she ties me up and whips me is incredible. The other night I told her I wanted to try choking for the first time. I wanted to feel her grip her hands round my neck as I was pushing into her. For anyone looking for some light BDSM, I highly recommend it.”

Samuel, 53

“I tried car sex for the first time in my life a couple of weeks back. My wife and I were trying to be adventurous and wanted to enliven our sex lives. So, we took my car up to a secluded spot in the middle of the night and had the wildest sex. For that time, I felt like a teenager again, and it was exciting to have the feeling that we were doing something we shouldn’t have. The angles and lack of space were a bit restrictive, but the joy of joining together with her in that way made all the pains worth it.”

Jack, 41

“Any man who wants to bring a little more excitement into his life should try doing it in different public spots. Over the years, I have become more and more adventurous and love the idea of getting caught. My girlfriend knew it was a fantasy of mine, and we created a scenario that involved a long-time friend of hers.
The pretext was being at hers for a dinner party when we snuck off to go make love on her bed. Her friend then came in and said she wanted to join. It was so sexy watching them run their hands over each other, moaning and making out. The getting caught was hot, but it was even hotter to have them both involved.
My girlfriend went down on her friend, and I entered my girlfriend from behind. We mixed it up a lot, and it was one of the hottest experiences I have ever had.”

Hunter, 46

“One of my best experiences with a woman was a couple of months ago. We met at a mutual friend’s party and hit it off straight away. I wasn’t sure if she was into me but said she found something interesting upstairs. I soon discovered it was a pretext to get me alone, and she pounded on me. Pushing me onto the bed, she quickly unbuttoned my trousers and caressing me. Her dress was easy enough to slip off, but she kept her heels on as she clambered on top of me. I haven’t seen her since, but I will always remember that night.”

Unlike other sites with erotic fiction, we have collected here the real stories of real people who don’t fear their desires and live life to the fullest despite the age. They say that after forty, life only begins, so we hope these short stories will inspire you.